Grinding Machines

There are a huge number of power tools on the market these days to assist with both large and small jobs that previous had to be completed laboriously by hand, and over time, these have been developed to offer assistance to both businesses and domestic users to allow them to complete work more efficiently and professionally. Grinding machines, just like many power tools, have undergone significant changes since they were first developed, and there are now many different types of grinding machines for different purposes. Here, we take a look at some of the most relevant examples, all of which are used by West Midland Grinding to provide professional services to clients across the country.

What types of grinding machines do we use?

Different jobs require different types of grinders, and West Midland Grinding have the professional knowledge and experience in using many different metal grinders depending on the job at hand. For example, West Midland Grinders are fully experienced and trained to use bench grinders, or pedestal grinders, which are grinding machines fastened to a workbench or pedestal and operated manually for smaller jobs. If a more complicated or precise grind is needed, a profile grinder may be required, which is often used to create parts for the automotive industry. Parts such as a cam or crankshaft with a central axis of rotation, however, are usually finished by a cylindrical grinder, but whether it’s an industrial grinder that’s needed to create the shape you require, or a standard surface grinding job, West Midland Grinding have the knowledge and experience to do the job safely, professionally and to a high standard. Discover more information about what  centreless grinding is and the centreless grinding process used.

Why choose West Midland Grinding?

Despite having experience using many different types of grinding machine, West Midland Grinding have a commitment to producing only the highest quality grinds, and have developed professional skills over many years in the industry. As a true testament to the quality of the work produced at West Midland Grinding, ISO 9001 certification has been awarded and maintained, building a fantastic reputation over the years for providing high quality centreless grinding services across the UK at competitive rates. Not only that, but all staff are hand picked to ensure they have the experience and attention to detail required to ensure the quality never falters.

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