Centerless Grinding Services.

West Midland Grinding is a specialist centerless grinding company serving businesses both small and large in the UK and abroad. Companies from various industries across manufacturing trust us, and only us, to finish and add quality and value to their products learn more

Committed to maintaining the highest levels of service in the industry, you can expect polite, professional and knowledgeable staff eager to help with your requirements from initial enquiry through to completion of your order.

Just email or fax a drawing or enquiry now, or contact us by phone for an immediate response.

Types of center less grinding include: Through feed centreless, plunge grind centre less / in feed centreless grinding, precision centreless bar grinding, taper grinding and multiple-diameter centerless form grinding. Please see our centreless grinding explained page to learn more…

West Midland Grinding centreless grind a wide variety of materials including: Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium, incoloy, inconel, waspaloy, monel, nitinol, molybdenum, zinc, graphite, nylon, plastic, hard chrome plating, copper tungsten, phosphor bronze, boron, glass,  PTFE and wood.

Types of components for centreless grinding include: Bars, dowels, pins, shafts, spindles, screws, rods, sleeves, bushes, tubes, pivot pins, pistons, gudgeon pins, axles, drive pins, clevis pins, bolts, shoulder bolts, connecting bolts, wasted screws, captive screws, hollow dowels, special screws, shoulder screws, taper dowels, parallel dowels, cam shafts, rollers, piston pins, piston rods, pan head bolts, actuator pins, caliper pistons, brake pistons, levers, roller axles, pulley axles, flow control valves, studs, journal pins, collars, plungers, jet shafts, bullets, bearings, electrodes, connecting rods, nuts, shaft idlers, mandrels, shield rods, connecting rods, injectors, blanks, location pins, bolzen pins, spigots, billets, sensor pins, swivel pins, hinge pins, tappets, planet pins, valve rods, collars, push rods, shear pins, valve spindles, fragments, rotor bars, stretch rods, rams, poppet stems, radial lock pins, bearing shafts, armature shafts, pegs, ejector pins, hex head bolts, struts, spools, eccentric shafts, gun barrels, pipes, link pins, thrust buttons, wires, probes, needles…

Automotive industry centreless grinding

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