West Midlands Grinding Services FAQ’s

What is centreless grinding?

You can learn about the centreless grinding process here.

When I place an order how quickly will it be processed?

Our standard turnaround time is three to five days or, for a long running job, machine availability within one to three days. This, of course, can usually be improved on request. We have a flexible workforce, more machines than people and a can do attitude which allows us to react helpfully to more urgent requirements.

Do you arrange transport of our goods?

Usually customers deliver and collect their goods and this is reflected in our prices. However, we use a network of transportation companies and offer same day, overnight and timed delivery services throughout the UK if required. We also export many tons of goods every month. Our longstanding relationships with the distribution companies we use allows us to benefit from discounted prices which we pass on to our customers.

Do you centreless grind bars?

Yes we do centreless grind bars, up to eight metres in length. Please view our services page.

What tolerances can you work to?

We regularly work to diameter tolerances of +/-.002mm.

What surface finish can you achieve?

We can grind to 0.1Ra (4um) surface roughness. This has allowed us to eliminate costly polishing operations for some of our customers.

Do you do any other types of grinding?

We offer surface grinding and universal/cylindrical grinding.

I have an enquiry/order but can I be confident of confidentiality?

All customer information is treated confidentially as company policy. Only approved members of staff have access to this data and shop floor paperwork including goods labelling does not include customer references. We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements if required.

We have our own centreless grinding facility, what can you offer us?

We have many customers with their own centreless grinding capabilities who use us on a regular basis. Sometimes for breakdown cover or because of a shortage of capacity but usually because of our expertise. Being specialists in this field means we can achieve, for example, diameter tolerances or surface finishes where others cannot. In other cases, the efficiency of our methods make it more economical for companies to give the work to us rather than centreless grind it themselves.

We are a non UK company, can we use your services?

Of course. With customers throughout Europe, we have plenty of experience dealing with foreign companies. We can agree prices and invoice in GBP’s, Euros, US Dollars or most other currencies.

My material or components to be ground are expensive, especially compared to the grinding operation, can I be confident that my goods will be treated carefully?

It is usually the case that the value to us of the centreless grinding operation is small compared to the overall value of the goods to be ground. There is a constant awareness of this imbalance throughout the company. The development of and adherence to our quality systems minimizes problems and has helped us build a solid reputation for quality. Please view our quality assurance page to learn more.

I have a centreless grinding requirement, how should I go about making an enquiry?

We accept enquiries by phone, fax, email or post and we can read most common file formats including .DWG and .IGES. Please view our contact us page for full details.

How do I set up a credit account?

Please contact us for the relevant forms.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for here?

Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.