Metal Grinder

Metal grinding is the best way to get high quality, high precision metal parts, fittings and components. Useful in a large range of businesses, machines and appliances, a metal grinder is an efficient tool to ensure a premium finish on various metal goods.

How Metal Grinding Works

At its core, metal grinding works like traditional industrial grinding. By using specialised abrasive wheels, firing at a high speed, these machines chip away at the metal surface. Due to the speed at which the wheels rotate, as well as the fine abrasive materials used, this will both remove any excess material, and further smooth and buff the metal down. The end result is one of the most smooth and precise methods of reducing metal to the intended specification.

Benefits Of Using a Metal Grinder

Metal, by its very nature, is not the easiest material to work with. The 2 main methods of shaping metal are grinding or using extremely high temperatures, as is the case in welding and smelting. Of course, only grinding offers the exact attention to detail and specification required to be of any use in the last stages of manufacturing.

Similarly, grinding can also be used to prepare metal for other stages, such as the aforementioned welding, by roughly reducing it to the required size. Metal grinding can be used to prepare metal ahead of further manufacturing, or finalise already manufactured goods into their intended, premium design.

Industrial uses

It should come as no surprise to learn that a metal grinder is useful in variety of areas. The aerospace and automotive industries, including motor-sport, require precision parts for their high tech engines and parts. If something isn’t the right shape or size, it can risk ruining the high quality performance these vehicles are designed to achieve. At worst, it could cause a disaster and destroy the equipment – precision metal grinding offers the security these industries depend on.

Types of Grinding

The types of metal grinding used will vary depending on the parts needed. Long tubes and rods, for instance, have different needs than smaller, more complex tools. The machines used allow users to operate at different angles and sizes, ensuring that a wide range of metal products can be ground to size.

Bench grinding, for instance, uses a smaller, bench-mounted grinding device. Typically featuring one or more abrasive wheels, bench appliances are used to sharpen and reshape tools and lathes. This can be used to create new supplies, or restore used tools to their former quality.

Similar machine grinding also exists for bigger needs. A pedestal grinder operates like a bench variant, only it’s on the floor and typically much bigger. This allows for bigger tools, rods and profiles to be ground to shape. Cylindrical grinders, as the name suggests, use multiple discs to create cylinders, such as rods and tubes of various sizes.

High Quality Metal Grinding

Whatever you need, metal grinding can it get it down. If you need high quality metal goods, processed with attention for detail, West Midland Grinding has the equipment and technical skill to meet your specifications. We offer a wide range of services and a high quality finish.