What are the industries that contactless grinding helps?

West Midland Grinding centreless grind components and bars for companies who operate in many industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, defence, motor sport, sub-sea oil and gas, research and development, agriculture, white goods and power generation.

We have many customer approvals which is why some of the millions of parts finish up in some very extreme places. This includes the bottom of the ocean to the formula one race track, nuclear reactors and even several miles above the earth in space.

There are also a great many small, precision and general engineering/manufacturing companies serviced across the UK. Each one of these is highly valued even if the requirement is small or infrequent.

So whatever the size of your business or enquiry, please contact us now and let us help you with your centreless grinding needs.

Automotive industry centreless grindingAerospace industry centreless grindingMedical industry centreless grindingMotorsport industry centreless grindingDefence industry centreless grindingAgriculture industry centreless grindingSubsea oil and gas industry centreless grindingPower generation industry centreless grinding