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Centreless Grinding

What Is Centreless Grinding?

Centreless grinding is a machining process whereby small amounts of material are removed from the outside diameter of a component thus reducing it in size. As its name suggests, this process can be applied to components without the need for centres or for chuck or collect work-holding as required with universal or cylindrical grinding. The greatest benefit of centreless grinding is that extremely accurate tolerances and finishes can be achieved at an excellent price, as the process is highly efficient and cost effective compared to other types of grinding.

The Specifics

Centreless Grinding is a type of grinding in which cylindrical parts are not held between centres (cylindrical grinding) but rather are supported on a work rest and rotated. Small amounts of material are then removed from the outside which reduces it in size. The process can be applied to parts without the requirement of centres as needed with universal or cylindrical grinding. The part is placed upon a work rest and this – together with the regulating wheel – is fed forward.  This in turn pushes the part against the grinding wheel. In order to obtain the axial movement of the part past the grinding wheel, the regulating wheel is tilted at a slight angle from horizontal.  A typical angular adjustment to do this would be between 0 and 10 degrees.

Variations of Centreless Grinding

There are two types of centreless grinding. The first process is Through Feed Grinding where the part is fed into the machine along the work blade, entering on one side and then exiting through the opposite end. This process can be very efficient for users as it doesn’t need a separate feed mechanism, it’s only negative is that it can only be used for parts of a cylindrical shape. The second is Plunge Grinding where the work piece is placed between the wheels on a work blade and the grinding wheel is “plunged” into the part. Recognised as a form of OD grinding, this process differs as the grinding wheel makes continuous contact with a single point of the object instead of traversing the object.

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