Centreless Grinding – Surface, Cylindrical, and Precision

  • West Midland Grinding specialise in the centreless grinding of components and materials. Established in 1987, a simple strategy has seen business grow year on year regardless of economic climate – to provide the best quality and service at a competitive price! If you have an centreless grinding enquiry please contact us now so that you can benefit from our expert centerless grinders.
  •  Not sure? Try our FAQ page for more information or just contact us anyway – we will always try to help, whatever the enquiry. Otherwise, please stay and explore our site, there’s lots of useful information about us and also centreless grinding in general – plus free data reference tables for tolerance specifications, surface finish comparisons and material standards. Centreless grinding services – Surface, Cylindrical, and precision.
  • Quality

    A workforce that boasts some of the most skilled and experienced centreless grinding setter/operators in the UK, an excellent plant of capable centreless grinding machines and a first class ISO 9001:2008 quality management system that has been developed and fine tuned over a period of more than twenty years.

    West Midland Grinding are proud and protective of our good reputation for quality. Adhering to the quality systems we have in place enables a confident approach to each centreless grinding job or requirement. Both you, the customer, and we, the supplier, enjoy the benefits.

    During a quality audit by a global aerospace component manufacturer our system was placed in the top five percent of all European ISO 9001:2008 companies visited!

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  • Service

    The key to good service is to give you, the customer, what you want: centreless grinding enquiries dealt with swiftly, delivery times to suit your needs and good communication delivered in a polite and professional manner at all times.

    West Midland Grinding offer specialist centreless grinding services to businesses both small and large, in the UK and abroad. We promise fast turnaround of your components and bars and try to be as flexible as possible. More often than not, centreless grinding is the final operation in the manufacturing process and delays may have already been incurred at previous stages of production. We are used to dealing with this and always try to help.

    Companies from various industries across manufacturing trust us, and only us, to finish and add quality and value to their products.

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  • Price

    Specialist centreless grinding skills and equipment, coupled with sound knowledge of our markets and the understanding that the more competitive we are, the more competitive you are!

    Competitive pricing is key to our success and yours, whether it be for a small, one off batch or a contact running into millions of centerless ground components. We achieve competitive prices through efficient shop floor methods, planning and management, streamlining our production capacity.

    West Midland Grinding centreless grind components and bars for companies who operate in many industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, defence, motor sport, sub-sea oil and gas, research and development, agriculture, white goods and power generation.

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