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Cincinnati 2OM Centreless Grinding Machine No.10

West Midland Grinding have purchased their 10th 2OM Cincinnati centreless grinding machine, 14th centreless grinding machine in total.

This one has been imported from a customer in the Republic of Ireland who originally used it to centreless grind their own turned parts in house. WMG offered a back-up or overflow service for this company for a while which developed into taking on all the work on a sub contract basis. Providing consistently excellent service and quality, along with competitive pricing, and building good working relationships between the two companies has now given the customer the confidence to remove their in house capacity option. Confidence enough, in fact, to sell their machine to their supplier – WMG! Another win-win deal for both parties.

The machine itself is in excellent condition, as would be expected given that it was recently rebuilt by A J Baker (Grinding) Ltd. It is also fitted with a pneumatic pace unit for semi-automatic centreless plunge grinding – a great addition to existing capacity at West Midland Grinding.

More investment in surface roughness measurement

West Midland Grinding have invested in new and improved surface roughness measurement equipment. It was decided that, for versatility, model SJ-210 from Mitutoyo offered the best all round solution. Two machines were purchased along with a granite base plate and height adjustable arm. The new machines allow surface roughness measurement with vast choice of ranges and parameters and compliment the existing Taylor Hobson equipment. West Midland Grinding centreless grind many parts and materials to demanding surface roughness requirements – sometimes eliminating the need for polishing, lapping or super finishing.

More subcontract centerless grinding machine capacity

West Midland Grinding have purchased their ninth Cincinnati 2OM centerless grinding machine. This further improves capacity and flexibility in light of increased demand for our subcontract centerless grinding service.

West Midland Grindingcenterless grinding specialists.

Sub contract centreless grinding capacity increased

West Midland Grinding Ltd purchased two Cincinnati 220-8 centerless grinding machines prior to their move to new larger premises. Both machines, after rigorous testing, are now in full production use.

West Midland Grinding Ltd centerless grinding specialists.

New centerless grinding factory up and running

West Midland Grinding have successfully moved into new and improved premises. The move went well over 22nd and 23rd December (in spite of the snow!) and full production capacity has been restored with minimal impact on service to customers. Many thanks to all involved.

New centerless grinding premises secured

Following the decision taken a few months ago to increase West Midland Grinding’s production capacity, new premises have been found and secured. The location is excellent, within two miles of our current location and a mere sixty seconds drive from spaghetti junction. Floor space will increase from 2400 sq ft to 5500 sq ft allowing for new machine purchases, increase in storage area and a new plant layout which will improve efficiency.

Work began a couple of months ago to re-build the property to our specification and we are on schedule for a move just before Christmas.